My name is Bruna Blandino, and I help people develop a positive growth-oriented mindset to achieve clarity and self-fulfilment. I’m a certified trainer of Focusing and Relational Wholebody Focusing: gentle yet profound methods that promote a healthier approach to yourself and the world around you.

My career has revolved around people and active listening. I was a teacher of English as a second language for a decade, then a travel agent for another ten years. I have also worked as an assistant and interpreter for a PNI professional, and later became a certified psychosynthesis counselling professional.

To me, focusing is about developing a caring approach towards myself and the human community. It is about creating a space where sorrow and struggles can lead to clarity, direction and joy. Focusing is where we can reconnect with our broader self and experience an awe-inspiring sense of wholeness that changes our perception of “being in the world”.

Throughout my life’s journey I have acquired invaluable skills and knowledge. Working with undergrad students, I learned to be patient and attentive to individual needs. As a travel agent, management skills were key – and they still are when I organise my focusing courses and workshops in Italy and abroad. As an interpreter, I learned how tone, voice and attitude help create a positive environment for self-inquiry and therapy work. The counselling background helped me refine and enhance my listening skills to better support people facing personal or professional challenges.

As a person, I strongly believe in the enormous potential of the human soul. And I have explored several self-inquiry methods and techniques searching for the key to enhanced well-being and spiritual nourishment.

Focusing-based methods proved to be the perfect fit for me. These helped me find a clearer sense of purpose and direction. Which is why I am so passionate about raising awareness of the methods and their transformative potential within local and global communities.

Under the expert guidance of Germana Ponte, I have become a Focusing trainer and TIFI-accredited Focusing Coordinator. I have studied Relational Wholebody Focusing in Belgium, with Karen Whalen and Katrjin Van Loock, and became one of the first Italian trainers for this method. I am the proud co-developer of the first Relational Wholebody Focusing training in Italy.

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