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My name is Bruna Blandino. I’m a TIFI-accredited Focusing trainer and coordinator, and a certified Relational Wholebody Focusing trainer.

I always longed for “more meaning” in my life, and have explored different self-inquiry techniques and processes. None of them was 100% aligned to my spiritual vision – until I came to Focusing, and all the bits and pieces fell into their righteous place.

Through Focusing and Relational Wholebody Focusing, I also discovered and joined a growing community of kindred spirits. People who are passionate about finding a better way to carry forward in their life, and nurture healthier relationships.

Today, I support people who long for a positive, growth-oriented approach to their lives. I offer one-on-one focusing sessions and organise training courses in Italy and abroad.

My philosophy of teaching

My background had a strong influence on the way I now teach Focusing. My keen interest in the relational nature of attentive listening drew me to develop a teaching method that sources its strength from shared experience and maieutic interaction.

As group members share the Focusing experience and their insights, a virtuous circle of inquiry emerges. Each contribution is explored and reflected upon, to provide valuable insights to all participants and lead to enhanced understanding.

Wisdom and knowledge are within us. Under the right conditions, our inner wisdom manifests spontaneously. The teachable moment triggers a sense of wonder – and as we stare in awe, we get to comprehend what we already knew but couldn’t grasp in words.

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