One-on-One Focusing Sessions

When you make space for your inner wisdom to manifest, it speaks through your body. Paying attention leads to clarity and self-consciousness, which is converted into improved well-being and healthier relationships.

Focusing is a gentle process that helps you:

  • Enhance your self-awareness and the ability to “be in the moment”.
  • Embrace your feelings and intuition in a friendly, non-judgemental way.
  • Overcome blocks and distress caused by unresolved conflict or trauma.
  • Nurture meaningful relationships with your family, friends and community.

Whether you’re:

  • Looking for a balanced, self-conscious approach to physical and emotional struggles;
  • Interested in joining a focusing course or workshop near you;
  • Seeking guidance on your journey to become a Focusing trainer;

I am here to help you. As a certified Focusing and Relational Wholebody Focusing trainer, I will help you work on your personal development, at your pace.

One-on-One Focusing and Wholebody Focusing Sessions

One-on-one focusing sessions are for people who are somehow stuck in their life and long for more focus and a clearer sense of direction.

Maybe you’re facing a sticky personal situation, a professional challenge or something from your past that’s holding you back. Or maybe you feel like your life is “just fine”, yet you still feel there is something missing or something that is not working for you.

Focusing can help you:

  • Trust your intuition and spark creative ideas.
  • Make better decisions about your personal life and career.
  • Mitigate emotional distress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.
  • Eradicate limiting thoughts and vicious behavioural patterns.

While a one-off Focusing session might help, elaborating on difficult situations or lingering blocks requires time. To make sure we work in-depth at your pace, one-on-one Focusing or Relational Wholebody Focusing packages include a minimum of 5 Skype-based sessions (starting at € 50 per session).

In our initial conversation, I will ask you about the topic/area you want to explore and we will agree on a number of sessions.

One-on-One Focusing courses anche classes

As a TIFI-accredited Focusing Coordinator, I’m happy to help future Focusing trainers progress towards their certification. Individual Skype-based classes can complement or integrate in-person training, to expand on topics such as:

  • Teaching methods and activities;
  • Group facilitation;
  • Focusing theory and practice.

The curriculum and duration of one-on-one Focusing courses depend on the student’s background and needs.

Keeping in touch

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